Luna Lights


Luna Lights Cofounders Donovan Morrison and Matt Wilcox asked our team to help redesign their website in conjunction with their rollout of an automated lighting system that utilizes cloud based data analytics to reduce the risk of falling.

Gaining insight from a few pilots, they plan to focus their selling on assisted living communities with expansion out to the consumer population later on. The website needs to be attractive to future clients while maintaining a sleek, stylish design to attract future hires.

Their current website was thrown together when they incorporated a little over a year ago, but recognized that it will not be sufficient as they begin to scale. Therefore, they needed assistance with doing a website re-design with "cooler" branding while still communicating their message effectively to assisted living communities.

The Process

Although we had some background, we wanted to get to know our target audience more. So we interviewed administration of assisted living facilities to learn more about their current fall prevention tools, monitoring processes, budget constraints and staff training. We wanted to uncover key considerations and questions they might have around purchasing a product like Luna Lights to help us prioritize content.

Key Takeaways:

  • They want to know how it works and see data proving results.
  • Pricing isn't as big as a factor as we initially thought because the facilites pass these costs on to the family. Therefore, we tossed out the idea of 'request a quote' as a call to action.
  • In addition to the ineffectiveness of current fall prevention methods, staff members were concerned with the false sense of security these systems give the family. This got us thinking about opportunities to market to the loved ones in a way that would help increase sales. That eventually led to the 'tell your living facility' button in the final section.

From there, we put together the structural design.

From Wireframes to Prototype